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To view further before and after success stories of VASER® and VASER Hi Def™ please click on the following links. You can also read further information about this innovative treatment via these pages.

Solutions for Outsourcing
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Solutions for Outsourcing (SO) are a Virtual PA service. Dr Grant Hamlet is proud to have "SO" as an integral part of his business. When contacting Dr Hamlet your consultation, training and information will be co-ordinated and managed by Solutions for Outsourcing on his behalf. All enquires will be discussed directly with Dr Hamlet to ensure the correct information is provided to you at all times.

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MACOM is the premier UK provider of quality compression apparel. The compression garments offer comfort, confidence, and optimum conditions for healing and health to every customer in response to their individual preferences and requirements. MACOM products are ideal post surgery, and particular after VASER liposelection.

They provide targeted support, facilitate post operative lymphatic drainage, accelerate the healing process, minimize scarring, and produce the appearance of a slimmer waistline. The garments are all made of breathable, non-allergenic material, they are seamless and complete with adjustable fastenings ensuring optimal comfort. All products are 100% latex free


Grant Hamlet
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