Grant Hamlet

"Dr Hamlet's VASER training experience was definitely worth travelling thousands of miles for!

Dr Hamlet showed me firsthand how to work with clients from the consultation - the treatment - to the follow up appointment and aftercare. I found it really interesting to see how Dr Hamlet gave them a realistic expectation of their treatment and how he reassured them about the areas of their body that they were most distressed about. However he did always go that extra mile for them where most would not bother.

I owe my own success with VASER to the hours spent "hands-on" under professional, sterile conditions with Dr Hamlet. I would always recommend him; I still remember his golden words of advice! I've now got more "thank-you" cards from patients than I ever have, thanks to you Dr Hamlet."

Dr. OTB - MRCS(Ed.)M.S (Plastic Surgery)


Grant Hamlet
Dr Hamlet is based in London

Tel 020 7127 4377
Office Opening hours Monday to Friday: 09:00 till 17:30

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