Grant Hamlet

Dr Grant Hamlet has been training other medical professionals for the past four years. This has been independently, working in association with aesthetic training companies and for the manufactures.

Training has become a passion of Dr Hamlet's. This has resulted in him being in great demand for his specialist knowledge. "Being able to pass on my knowledge and experience to other Professionals is extremely rewarding as it inevitably serves our patients/clients, who, at the end of the day are the most important consideration."

Dr Hamlet is one of two doctors in the UK who has received training in VASER® Hi-Def Sculpturing using the innovative VASER® technology. This has seen Dr Hamlet become one of the most sought after trainers in Europe for those wishing to learn VASER® LipoSelection.

Dr Hamlet advises those looking to broaden their treatment range to ensure that it is within their boundaries and that they have good patient/doctor relationships. "If you are interested in the aesthetics of the body and artistically minded and appreciate the human form for all of its perfections and imperfections then you are an ideal candidate to learn the VASER® LipoSelection technique."

It is highly recommended that before you attend your VASER® training you read up on the treatment as full knowledge of the treatment is essential. The training will take place over a three to five day period and it will include: theory, patient selection, observation of the procedure including the consultation and aftercare. In addition, hands-on training will be provided.

Models are required for your training and every effort will be made to obtain models which require different areas wanting treatment. This then ensures you receive training on the different areas applicable for VASER®. If you would like to bring your own model for your hands-on training please confirm this at the time of enquiring about training.

Alternatively training can take place at your clinic providing all the correct equipment, models and staffing is provided.

If you are interested in receiving training in VASER® LipoSelection or other cosmetic treatments please contact Dr Grant Hamlet via the contact page or call 020 7127 4377 for further details.


Grant Hamlet
Dr Hamlet is based in London

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