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VASER® is at the cutting edge of Liposuction technology which is fast replacing traditional Liposuction.

So How Does It Work?
VASER® uses gentle ultrasonic energy to selectively break apart the fatty tissue whilst still preserving important tissues such as nerves, blood vessels and collagen. The procedure can be used for a wide range of areas; neck, chin, arms, chest, breasts, waist, stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, ankles, and back.

The VASER® technology generates sound energy; the patented small probes transmit sound waves which then break apart the fat on contact. Fatty tissues consist primarily of adipose cells but they can also contain other important tissues. The sound waves break up the fat for removal but leave nerves, blood vessels and other connective tissue comparatively intact. Once the fat is liquefied it is easily removed gently via suction or massage. This also helps encourage smooth results. Physicians have reported a fast patient recovery and improved skin retraction. The procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic.

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VASER® Lipo Patient Advantages
• Smoother and predictable results
• Minimal pain and bruising
• Faster recovery • Improved skin retraction
• Can be applied to delicate areas such as the chin, neck, arms and inner thighs
• It is also gentle enough for it to be performed under local anaesthetic (wide awake)
• Able to perform a wider range of body contouring from significant fat reduction to sculpting specific areas of the body.

For further and more in-depth information about the VASER® technology please visit Sound Surgical Technologies. The web address can be found via the link page, please click here.


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