Grant Hamlet

Dr. Grant Hamlet wanted to be a doctor from a very young age and firmly believes: "Becoming a Doctor chooses you rather than you choosing to become a doctor."

Patient interaction is extremely important to Dr Hamlet as it facilitates the results he achieves; this is what provides him his job satisfaction. Dr Hamlet believes that aesthetics is an artistic skill; "you have to be able to visualise and see the artistic shape that you want to create, which has to be appropriate for each individual client. You need to be flexible in your approach. Minor surgery and artistry, I believe, can go hand-in-hand."

Client care and reassuring his clients are amongst Dr Hamlet's main priorities. "Patient care is extremely important and is one of the aspects of my job I enjoy; I like to build a relationship with my client. It is essential that you have this to enable you to have an open and honest consultation with your clients." Dr Hamlet is undoubtedly professional but very approachable.

Dr Hamlet feels that the client needs to feel able to ask as many questions as they need to. "You have to make sure that the client feels at ease, but the doctor must still remain professional. This allows the doctor to give the client the best consultation they can, ensuring that expectations are kept realistic and all of the concerns the client has are addressed. People fear the unknown, it is essential for the doctor to give the client all the information they need beforehand, allowing them to feel reassured and so not as nervous as they might have been when it comes to the day of their treatment."

Dr Hamlet also advises that you should ensure that a client spends sufficient time with the doctor during the consultation and that it isn't rushed. The consultation is an extremely important part of the treatment, it allows the practitioner and the client to build a relationship and ensure that the client has all the necessary information

So, what advice would Dr Hamlet give to those seeking these types of treatments such as VASER®?

Dr Hamlet recommends that anybody wanting cosmetic treatment (and this ranges from having treatments such as Botox® to VASER® LipoSelection) should seek as much advice and information as possible.

"I cannot stress enough how important it is to be told the realistic expectations/results - it really is paramount. If you are promised everything that you desire with or without the information and advice, I would be wary. It is better for the client if the doctor can then exceed their expectations. This then results in the client being even happier and you, the doctor, receive a great feeling of satisfaction. Receiving thank you messages from your clients afterwards is really rewarding and makes your job as an Aesthetic Specialist more than worthwhile!"

If you would like to book a consultation with Dr Grant Hamlet then please use the contact form provided or you can call 020 7127 4377. For further information about Dr Grant Hamlet please view his profile.


Grant Hamlet
Dr Hamlet is based in London

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