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1. Booking Conditions

Minimum amount of training days to be booked is two days and this is based on prior experience. If you do not have prior experience of Lipo procedures a minimum of three days training is required. Five days worth of training is recommended.

GMC number is to be provided or documentation is to be sent to confirm qualifications.

You will receive e-mail confirmation immediately upon confirmation of training dates and once qualification documentation has been sent and confirmed.

Invoice will be sent via e-mail instructing payment details.

Payment is to be made within seven days of receiving the invoice. If there is less than two weeks prior to your training, payment is to be made in full.

Cheques will not be accepted on the day of your training and all cheques must be sent in time for them to clear prior to your training.

2. Cancellations / Refunds / Substitutions

Cancellations or date amendments must be received in writing at least two weeks prior to the confirmed training dates.

If training is cancelled two weeks prior to the training dates a full refund will be given.

If the training is cancelled less than two weeks prior to the training dates a 50% refund will be given unless Dr Grant Hamlet is able to fill the place.

If you do not attend the course on the days that have been booked the booking will be considered as cancelled and no refund will be given.

Course places are transferable providing Dr Grant Hamlet has been notified at least two weeks prior to the training date and providing the place is being transferred to an appropriate Medical Professional such as a Doctor, Plastic Surgeon etc. who are able to practice and be insured for Lipo procedures. If the place is transferred to another suitable delegate section 2.3 will not apply.

Dr Grant Hamlet reserves the right to cancel or change the course dates. A full refund will be given should you request this or your booking will be transferred to dates which are suitable for both parties.

3. Models

Every effort will be made to obtain models for your training but this cannot be guaranteed.

Should a model not be obtained for your training by Dr Grant Hamlet or you the training will be transferred to different dates enabling both parties more time to find suitable models.

Models that are supplied by you for your training will need to cover the costs of their treatment. Dr Grant Hamlet will provide you with a fair price for the model, they then need to be informed by you of the cost and pay you directly. Dr Grant Hamlet will invoice you the agreed cost of the model and payment must be received before their treatment commences. This payment will cover the cost of the treatment, equipment, products and staffing. The models aftercare, follow up etc. will be your responsibility unless prior arrangements are made between you and Dr Grant Hamlet. Dr Grant Hamlet will respect and treat the model as your client and no approach will be made regarding further treatments.

Should the model for your training have been organised by you their details, photos and measurements must be sent to Dr Grant Hamlet highlighting which areas they would like treated on the day(s) so it can be confirmed that they are suitable and that the areas requested will be fully treatable on the day(s) of your training. No approach will be made by Dr Grant Hamlet to your model regarding further treatments.

4. After The Training

Dr Grant Hamlet takes no responsibility for any errors, omissions or patient claims made against you in the future, your patients are your responsibility after your training.

It is your responsibility to organise the appropriate insurance after your training and that the practice/clinic/theatre meets the Care Quality Commission requirements required in order to carry out VASER and other non-surgical and surgical procedures.

It is your responsibility to organise the appropriate after care and follow up appointments after treatment for the model(s) which were organised by you for your training unless prior arrangements were made between you and Dr Grant Hamlet prior to your training.


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