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Through Dr Hamlet's experience with Vaser Hi-Def™, Dr Hamlet has gone on to develop a technique which he calls Mid-Def Vaser. Mid-Def Vaser could be described as the middle treatment between Standard and Vaser Hi-Def™. Both Mid-Def Vaser and Hi-Def Vaser go beyond the final finish of the Standard Vaser treatment.

Mid-Def Vaser is predominately provided to female patients. The technique involves more than the Standard Vaser treatment, it selectively removes deposits of fat surrounding specific muscle groups. By performing this technique you create slight definition with some shadowing, it is a softer finish vs. Vaser Hi-Def which is especially beneficial to his female patients.

He has seen a rise in female patients wanting more; "my female patients want more than simply having the fat removed, they want me to find, define or even create their waist. They want some definition to the abdominal area."

What is the difference between Mid-Def and Vaser Hi-Def?
Vaser Hi-Def removes the smaller deposits of fat that surround the specific muscle groups. This is what provides men with the chiselled, ripped look. It allows for the creation of an abdominal six-pack, accentuation the serratus anterior muscle (boxers muscle) and highlighting the external oblique muscle. The pectoralis muscle in the chest can also be defined by removing the excess fat in the flanks (love handles) area to create the desired "V" shaped physique along with a six pack and broad muscled chest.

Mid-Def Vaser sculpts the body providing some slight definition and shadowing. Mid-Def Vaser does also suit males, not all are able to achieve or want the chiselled, ripped look but still want to show some definition.

For women Mid-Def Vaser allows the stomach to become flatter and well-shaped, the waist to be slimmer and defined. This then accentuates the curve of the lower back and makes the upper buttocks look fuller and rounder.

Dr Hamlet explains; "In order to do this you have to work with a region rather than an area, for example this could be a women who has no waist or a waist that needs more definition, this would require work to the mid-region by sculpting the abdominals, the flanks (love handles) and a lot of work on the waist area. This is so you create the right body symmetry, creating a flatter well-shaped stomach, a slimmer waist, accentuation the curve of the lower back, creating the two tail bone dimples and making the upper buttocks look fuller and rounder."

In order to have a Vaser Mid-def or Vaser Hi-def™ treatment you will require an Anaesthetist, this is because of the advanced technique used during the treatment. This will be discussed further during your consultation.

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VASER® Advantages
Patients and Physicians have reported the following VASER LipoSelection® advantages.

• Smoother and Predictable Results
• Minimal pain and bruising
• Faster recovery
• Improved skin retraction (skin tightening)
• Gentle enough to be performed under local anaesthetic

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