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VASER® is the cutting edge of liposuction technology and is rapidly replacing the traditional Liposuction technique. Liposuction is the surgical removal of fat from specific areas of the body.

VASER® LipoSelection uses ultrasonic technology which is tissue selective. The ultrasound energy targets unwanted fat whilst preserving important tissues such as nerves, blood vessels and collagen. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, there is no need for general anaesthetic and you will be wide awake during the whole procedure.

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The VASER® treatment is suitable for both men and women; the treatment is so precise it can be used on delicate areas such as the chin, neck, arms and inner thighs. Vaser LipoSelection® is a safer alternative to the traditional Liposuction technique, to help you get rid of those stubborn areas that will just not shift even after rigorous diet and exercise.

Other areas of your body that VASER® can be used are;

Breasts Lower Back
Chest Buttocks
Arms Thighs
Upper Back Knees
Waist/Hips Calves
Stomach Ankles

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VASER® is such an innovative technique it can also be used to sculpt the body giving you an athletic appearance; both male and females can have this advanced treatment. To find out more about Vaser Mid-Def please click here

VASER® Advantages
Patients and Physicians have reported the following VASER LipoSelection® advantages.

• Smoother and Predictable Results
• Minimal pain and bruising
• Faster recovery
• Improved skin retraction (skin tightening)
• Gentle enough to be performed under local anaesthetic

VASER® Frequently Asked Questions
If after reading the frequently asked questions your question has not been answered, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Grant Hamlet for further details.

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Buttocks Thighs & Hips

Male Chest

Neck & Face


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