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VASER Hi Def™ LipoSculpture was pioneered and developed by renowned Colombium cosmetic surgeon Dr Alfredo Hoyos. Dr Grant Hamlet is one of two doctors in the UK who has been trained in this advanced and exciting technique by Dr Alfredo Hoyos.

Dr Grant Hamlet was so impressed by the procedure he even went on to have the treatment himself! Please look at his before and after photos. This has also helped Dr Hamlet understand the treatment from the patient's perspective. He knows what the procedure feels like during and after plus how to maintain the results.

So What Is VASER Hi Def™?
VASER Hi Def™ is an advanced surgical procedure which can create a sculptured and athletic appearance. VASER Hi Def™ really is cutting edge technology which can help fit and healthy people achieve the muscle definition that requires a lot of hard work and dedication at the gym.

The technique selectively removes the small deposits of fat surrounding specific muscle groups. In turn this then enhances the natural contours of the muscles.

VASER Hi Def™ is generally for fit men and women who already maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise but perhaps aren't able to dedicate the amount of time needed at the gym in order to achieve the defined muscle look. VASER Hi Def™ is your helping hand in achieving your desired look which you can then maintain through your healthy diet and exercise regime.

"It is probably the best way to achieve the six-pack or muscled look for men and the athletic trim look in women. It is not about creating a slimmer body shape; it is about creating the best possible body silhouette."

Dr Grant Hamlet also performs a "Columbian Hi-Def Butt Lift" where fat is taken from another area that is being treated by VASER® and is transferred to mould, shape and lift the buttocks giving them a full and round definition.

Men wanting to achieve a "ripped" physique can do so by undergoing VASER Hi Def™. "It allows for the creation of an abdominal six-pack, accentuation of the serratus anterior muscle (boxers muscle) and highlighting the external oblique muscle. You can also define the pectoralis muscle in the chest and remove the excess fat in the love handle area to create the desired "V" shaped physique along with a six pack and a broad, muscled chest."

Areas of the body suitable for Hi Def include the abdomen, breasts, chest, back, arms, thighs, buttocks, hips and the waist. Please view the before and after pictures to see what can be achieved.

VASER Hi Def™ can be performed on all adults dependent on their level of health; this will be discussed at the time of your free no obligation consultation with Dr Grant Hamlet.

Please note: Not all VASER® physicians have been trained to perform the VASER Hi Def™ technique.

The cost of Vaser Hi Def™ will be sent to you after your consultation. The consultation will help you and Dr Hamlet determine which areas you would like treated and if Vaser Hi Def™ is suitable for you.

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