The cost of your VASER® treatment will be sent to you after your consultation. You will be sent a letter confirming the cost of your procedure, including Anaesthetist charge should one be required and the cost of your aftercare. The cost provided to you will be the final cost, there are no hidden charges.

The consultation with Dr Hamlet will determine which areas you would like treated by VaserĀ® and if you are suitable for the treatment. Should you forget to ask Dr Hamlet any questions during your consultation, you are more than welcome to ask them after your consultation via e-mail or telephone.

Your consultation with Dr Grant Hamlet is charged at £100, if you book your procedure with Dr Hamlet, the consultation fee will be deducted from the final cost of your procedure. This will be highlighted within your cost letter, sent to you after your consultation.

Prices can vary, they are dependent on area(s) wishing to be treated, how many areas you would like to have treated and how long the procedure will take. Everything will be discussed fully during your consultation to ensure you are provided the best advice and the fairest price.

Prices from:

Standard Vaser, prices from: £2,500
Mid-def Vaser, prices from: £3,500
Vaser Hi-def, costs will be provided after your consultation
Fat Transfer, prices from: £1,000

NB. Prices above do not include Anaesthetist fees or Aftercare costs. The prices outlined are for the procedure only.

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